Stroke: Leave A Suffering For Long Time
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Stroke is a disorder of neural function that occur due to sudden blood supply to a part of the brain so that the circulation of blood to the brain is disrupted. Lack of blood flow and oxygen causes biochemical reactions that can damage or kill nerve cells in the brain so causes paralysis of limbs, speech impairment, loss of consciousness. One time, stroke only experienced by people who are elderly because the aging process that causes hardening and narrowing of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) but now stroke threatening a productive life because of attention to healthy eating patterns without regard the content is high cholesterol levels or not . Foods with high cholesterol content can lead the accumulated of fat in the blood vessels leading to the brain resulting in a narrowing of that supply blood and oxygen is reduced, and this also allows the occurrence of rupture of blood vessels due to constriction of blood vessels causes the heart to pump blood faster.

No doubt if everyone is always working to prevent strokes or reduce risk factors by implementing a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and taking drugs or supplements to maintain healthy blood vessels to prevent the occurrence of stroke. One of supplement that can help maintain healthy blood vessel is l arginine. This supplement is rich with antioxidants can help the supply oxygen and dilate blood vessel constriction. Avoiding stress is also an easy way to avoid a stroke. Because the basically of trigger a stroke are an uncomfortable mood, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and eating fatty foods.