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Living Room: The Heart of a House Design.

We have discussed the function of a living room in the previous article. Essentially, living room is the most important room for the family as a whole because it is the bridge between all of other units in the house. Right Away, we will bring out about , , and of a Living Room: The Heart of a House. We will uncover the expatiate of a fully Living Room: The Heart of a House here. Keep reading!.

#4 Living Room: The Heart of a House Design

Living Room: The Heart of a House

In most families, living room is carefully placed to connect all private rooms in the house. It is not necessarily placed in the center, but it should be the ‘meeting point’ of other rooms. This will be very important for parents with young children. Young children love exploring the house, and the living room should be the best place to monitor them.

Entertainment electronic media such as home theater is also best located in the living room. Every family applies different rule for the TV. For instance, there are families that allow the children to watch TV only before dinner. Some others don’t limit the TV time at all. Well. No matter the rule might be, controlling the children will be easier when we know where to find them.

Living room commonly is designed to be semi private zone to enable its function to be a relaxing zone. Not every guest is ‘allowed’ to enjoy the living room because it is the private room off all the family members as a unity.

The design of the living room should consider the accessibility of the room. Living room should be accessible from the bedrooms, pantry or kitchen, garden, and the stair to the second floor. Once the living room position is set, the circulation flow can be set then. Sitting area is the most essential part of the room. It can be sofa, bench, or carpet. Tables and TV set are highly recommended, as well as toys and musical instrument such as piano.

The setting might define the living room’s success to fulfill its function. There is no standard in deciding the set of the living room. Instead, there are unique needs, unique character of the family that surely need different setting. For instance, if you have young child, a centric set where the coffee table is the center of the room might not be a wise choice. Living room setting should cover the needs of all family members.

If you only have limited area for your living room, you need to make the most of it. If you cannot enlarge it, try to make the impression that it is larger. There are many ways you can achieve this; putting on some supporting wall paper, enlarge or add the number of windows, and many more.

Since there is no exact rule as how the living room should be designed, you have a wide area to make some improvements. You can make you living room to be multi purposed room to host many activities. This is particularly efficient if you only have limited space. You will need to provide some furniture to make his happen, though. Just remember that however flexible you want your living room to be, never forget the basic functions.