The Ideal Penis Size According a Women
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In the matter of size, of course the size of every person varies as well as other parts of the body. The standard size of penis that satisfy women is 12cm, if there is a man who has a penis size up to 20cm will inevitably lead to pain on the part of women in certain positions in sex. In addition, the color of the penis becomes an important factor.

Women didn’t like the penis that looks pale white compared to the penile shaft skin is black and red penis head became a favorite ladies because it looks beautiful.

Women who have frequently having sex with a large penis, look broadly at the vagina such as would not close, and the ejaculation of sperm sprayed more difficult to get out of the vagina because sperm is directly embedded in the cervix where penis length is capable of burrow through the uterus. When the male penis size is large, definitely testes is also large.

According some doctors sexology, long and large penis when it is entered in the vagina and vaginal walls meet let alone to penetrate the cervix during sex can cause some sensation of pleasure for women. Among vaginal discharge a lot of lubrication, friction penis continuously make a woman orgasm discharge very much like urine and can be out even more, can be attached to the neck of the penis. Things like this that makes women love men with big penises. This is what makes men want to get a big penis by using penis extenders. From some reviews about penis enlarger, x4 labs could be try. Penis extender results of this product already proven.