The Benefits of Having Sex for Human Body
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A healthy sexual relationship with a legitimate partner in fact has many benefits, especially for health. The one of benefit is to vent sex or biological needs. Sex, when do it normally and fairly, can make the household becomes harmonic, but when do it so excess, of course, sex can cause the immune system becomes weak and will be more susceptible to infection. Sex can help the heart at least two different ways. There is some evidence that testosterone and other hormones produced during sex helps reduce the risk of heart attack. And, of course, sex is good aerobic exercise, though not exactly a major exercise. Although some media reports claim that sex can burn up to 200-300 calories, your mileage may vary. The calculator of calories produced by the Healthy Weight Forum estimates that 170-pound person can burn 61.2 calories with 30 minutes of strong having sex. In the same amount of time, people who can burn calories 183.6 to 137.7 calories when gardening or cleaning the house.

The theories that being studied, show that regular sex can help prevent certain types of cancer. Scientists have recently speculated that DHEA and oxytocin (compounds produced by women when they are aroused) can help lower the risk of breast cancer and much research in Australia found that frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer for men. Many ejaculation is the result of masturbation. Finally, there is evidence that sex just makes life better. Sexual stimulation floods the body with endorphins, a natural compound that gives high while reducing pain. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, migraines, or arthritis, with making love might be easing. Sex is also a powerful sleep aid and buffer against anxiety and depression. Problems will arise if you do not really enjoy your sex life. What about the women who are not satisfied with your partner? Usually they prefer to satisfy themselves by using of sex toys such as HotGVibe Dildo or HotGVibe Vibrator. Actually, you could invite your partner to play around with this HotGVibe Sex Toy. Encourage your husband to take part in your game and create a pleasant relationship. If you want to try with your husband, invite your husband and buy these toys in