There Are Certain Moments Where The Husband Or Wife Was No Longer Excited.
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There Are Certain Moments Where The Husband Or Wife Was No Longer Excited.

Why? And, How Do I Fix This?

Indeed, passion plays an important role in normal sexual relations. Without passion, sex would be tasteless. But why at certain times the passion can be down? There are various reasons.

The first is physical. It also influenced a number of factors, among others, which is natural as it ages. Generally, each person's sex drive begins to decline at 45-50 years old. At that age, the hormone that supports the sex drive is decreased.

The reason could be many, including nonsexual problems, such as obesity and so on. Not surprisingly, the man who entered the age of the elderly began to look sluggish. In addition to decreased arousal, as well as the ability of erections also decreased. The passion of man determined much male hormone (testosterone) that will begin to decline when 30 years old. The hormone testosterone plays an important role in building muscle. Because with the help of these hormones become more complete absorption of the protein so the muscles to be faster growing. At the age of 15-20 years puberty hormones are still in production by the body in significant amounts. However, at the 20 years old and over will serve targeted hormone production decreases. On the other hand, one's sexual ability actually to be stable if the corresponding healthy. That is, he did not experience any shortage of physical and psychological terms.

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